Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Eat Alone At A Restaurant

Up until now, I didn't know what it is to eat alone at a restaurant. It's not common in my country for people to eat alone. 

I was always curious about how this experience would turn out. I was sure it would feel awkward, but I had to do it. Just to prove to myself that I was brave and independent. That I could do anything I wanted to, even if it entailed being uncomfortable and facing my fears. 

Would people would stare at me? Would they think I am a loner? Where do I look while eating? Can I stare at my phone and pretend to text people? Can I put my headphones on and listen to music? Would that make this whole experience much less awkward? What if I bump into someone I know? Would they think I am a friendless sad soul? Fears, I tell you!

I remember there was a time when I was in college, when I wouldn't even go to the supermarket or any store by myself for the fear that people would think I am a loner. I attempted that once, when I had no choice and I rushed whatever work I had to do and came back within an hour. Walking alone on the streets felt so wrong, so uncomfortable. Now looking back, I can't comprehend why I would ever feel that way! 

After I started working and living by myself, I've done dozens and dozens of things by myself. 

And today I went a step further. I went to KFC and had lunch alone! 

It wasn't anything like I had imagined it to be. Maybe because I wasn't thinking about it. I was just doing my work, realized I was hungry and it was time for lunch. I stepped inside KFC all by my happy self, ordered what I wanted and ate without a care in the world. There were no stares from strangers. No awkwardness. Nothing at all. 

Sometimes I am so proud of myself. If only I would be this proud all the time. A goal worth pursuing I am sure!

P.S. I haven't embraced the selfie trend, so no picture of me to go along!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lone Up! Life List Goals To Accomplish By Yourself

All you people who do not achieve your goals for the only reason that you have no company, listen up. Presenting to you a list of goals that you can pursue, all by yourself. 

If the thought of doing things alone scares you, maybe it's time to look at fear in the eye, grab it by the balls and take steps towards being a more confident, self assured you. If you are a social butterfly who likes to have fun with your gang of friends, you too could use some productive alone time.

So now when you are alone, make the most of it! Here are some ideas to help you do just that...

1. Go to a movie theater and watch a movie by yourself
2. Take a bubble bath
3. Write a book/ novel
4. Go to a restaurant and eat alone
5. Make a video, edit it and upload it on YouTube
6. Get a massage
7. Buy yourself a ring
8. Learn Lucid dreaming
9. Take a vow of silence for a day
10. Travel alone to a new city
11. Take a selfie each day, for a year
12. Sell something on the internet
13. Write a letter to your future self. Mine here
14. Pick a day and click a picture every hour that day
15. Buy a meal for a homeless person
16. Write and send notes to 5 people anonymously
17. Listen to 1000 new songs
18. Watch all the movies from imdb's '250 best movies of all time' List
19. Start a blog
20. Design an outfit for yourself, get it made and wear it
21. Earn money in currency other than that of your country.
22. Learn to cook a dish to perfection, and make it your signature dish
23. Read all the books by your favorite author 
24. Step out of your house in high heels. And gentlemen- Suit up! 
25. Learn and recite a funny monologue
26. Go mirror-less for a day
27. Make a Life List, if you haven't already!

P.S: If you have some kick ass ideas, don't hold back. Let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Ugly Tattoo Story

Do you have an ugly Tattoo Story? 

Yes? Me too.
No? Lucky you.

This is probably the most interesting story of my life. You know those experiences that you think can happen to only you in this gigantic universe! 

I got my ugly tattoo when I was really young. When I was around 3 to 4 years old! So I was with my parents on the beach (Indian beach, mind you). It was the early 90's. There were camels and tattoo artists on the shore. Okay, Tattoo Artist is too fancy a term for them. They were people with the gears and some basic skill. Tattoo's weren't in trend back then, like they are now and the artists were highly immature (at least the ones that were there), just like me! So my parents were admiring the sunset and watching camels... when I run away to this little girl, who was sitting on the shore with her tattoo gear. She might have been like 10 years older than me. I thought she was sweet.. and I gave her my hand. 

My parents run after me and try to take me away. Being the obstinate child I was, I insist I want a tattoo. Mom was against it and dad didn't want to break my heart. So I get a tattoo of 'The cross' on my hand. Small one, thank God!

Whenever I narrate this story to someone they always ask me if it pained me. Well, I don't remember it paining at all. I remember she putting something of green color over it and then something in yellow... and I was told to wash it after a couple of hours. 

So now years later, I definitely regret getting that Tattoo. It has lost its shape and doesn't look like a defined Cross. Secondly, I do not subscribe to Christianity or any other religion anymore... 

Luckily for me, it doesn't get too much attention...  

I would definitely like to get rid of this Tattoo someday. Though I am very apprehensive about the pain it's gonna cause... I consider this as my life's only regret!

I must also mention here that I do not hate tattoos on other people. In fact, I love tattoos on other people... I watched every episode of LA Ink. You get the idea. But this is not a risk I want to take again. Ever.

In blogland it's almost kinda customary to add at least one picture with a post and here is where I am supposed to add a picture of my ugly tattoo. But I am gonna excuse myself this time. I am going to show myself some love. You can check out the tattoo in my pictures on other posts. Go do the digging! 
Hint: It's near my thumb

Do you guys have a Tattoo? Do you like yours or Do you have a ugly tattoo story too??

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Tarot Card Reading

This was my first time getting a Tarot Card Reading. 

A fellow blogger Angie, had offered a free Tarot Card reading on her blog Lariats and Lavender. As someone who can't stop grabbing an opportunity especially when its free, I wrote a mail to her and asked her my questions... and then waited excitedly.

Angie was quick to reply and what amazed me was that she was spot on about my past and present. The future of course is a mystery... but she had good things to say. So that made me happy! She even sent me a picture of my cards, as you can see above!!

As you might know that getting a reading from a psychic is also in my Life List. So this was a good precursor to that.

If you'd like to get a free reading form Angie , click here.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A birthday and A Swedish Massage

It was my Birthday yesterday, so I decided to treat myself and my friend to a Swedish Massage. I booked a deal on Groupon for real cheap and then called up the Spa. They didn't have a slot free yesterday, so I got an appointment for today. 

I did get a Thai Massage when I traveled to Bangkok, but that was a dry massage. My head was not fully convinced that I got a proper massage since there was no oil applied (silly me). So I had to try the Swedish Massage to satisfy myself and check another item off my Life List

This massage was definitely good and it lasted for an hour. But didn't think I had to go topless for that! Had I known, I probably wouldn't have braved it. So there I was, facing my inhibitions in all awkwardness. Different Spas have different ways of tackling this and the place I went to didn't do a great job at that. But I don't want to sound too wimpy because the massage was really good and I felt totally pampered and relaxed otherwise.

Ok, this is not a picture of me... But that was definitely one of the positions I slept in.

What kind of massages have you guys gotten and whats your favorite??